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The Full Monty

by David Yazbek and Terrence McNally

directed by Alan Patrick Kenny

New Stage Collective

Summer 2006


Here’s the part that counts: You’re going to be grinning form ear to ear at New Stage Collective’s amiable musical ‘The Full Monty,’ about out-of-work steel workers who take it all off for a quick fix of cash for child support, the repo man and just keeping body and soul together.


It’s a long way from perfect, but ‘The Full Monty’ is bright and energetic and rich with that rare - and therefore priceless - commodity called charm. You couldn’t ask for more smiles for a summer’s night.


Steel pipe towers roll around the playing area, quickly and easily sketching in a variety of locales and well-placed props.


Director Alan Patrick Kenny does a nice job of playing to his actor’s strengths, maintaining the company’s energy and taking full advantage of the show’s sweet nature.  One of New Stage Collective’s great assets is director Kenny’s ability to attract talent.




Smaller theater companies, which are springing up like mushrooms in Cincinnati, are making some highly respectable moves when it comes to putting on challenging productions.  Take producing artistic director Alan Patrick Kenny’s New Stage Collective production of the Broadway musical ‘The Full Monty.’ 


The show is taking excellent advantage of the expansive performance space to be found at the new Know Theater’s house in Over-the-Rhine.


The New Stage Collective, working on a limited budget, has pared this multi-scene production down most effectively.  Still, to the credit of the hardworking cast and Kenny’s attentive directing, the performances frequently touch and amuse.  The Result is that, through the acting, this spare production is able to transcend stereotypical situations and archetypal characters.




Cincinnati Entertainment Award Nominations:

-Local Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical to Charlie Clark as Jerry

-Local Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical to Steven Milloy as Horse




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